WMC Undertaking Key Study

The Conference Board of Canada, on behalf of the Wood Manufacturing Council (WMC), is conducting a survey of employers and other stakeholders in the advanced wood manufacturing sector to understand key trends and issues facing the sector and its workforce. Specifically the problems related to workers having problems with their bosses.

According to a study by the National Business Research Institute, the number 1 problem people report having with their boss or manager is a lack of communication. From the report:

“I think one of the things employees dislike the most is the lack of context that their employers provide,” said Heidi Gorman, CMO of Capital H Group. “By that I mean many employees do not get enough information from their employers to have answers to basic questions like, ‘What’s really expected of me?’, ‘How will my performance be judged?’ and ‘How does what I do, day-in-and-day-out, help the overall company achieve its goals?’ It is important for all employees, regardless of what they do, to have these essential questions answered because it gives a sense of meaning to their work.”

Wood is an important part of our society
Wood is an important part of our society

One reason that communication problems are so rampant is because they are ongoing, as opposed to single events. When communication fails, employees tend to draw back and become afraid to ask questions or speak up when they foresee a problem. These problems are especially concerning for the wood industry as they rely on person to person relationships more than ever.

In short, if you want open communication from your employees when it matters, you need to model the behavior yourself. The Conference Board of Canada is probing the matter and will come up with regulations that likely produce more company bonding days.


About the Author:

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