R&D Supply, LLC Officially A Part Of PSS Companies

Pipeline Supply & Service, LLC / DBA PSS Companies has acquired substantially all of the assets of R&D Supply. The acquisition of R&D supply creates a major boon in the Texas pipeline supply competition. It seems PSS is leading the charge in developing newer and safer pipeline technologies and equipment.

R&D supply was established in 2009 in Shreveport, Louisiana to serve the needs of the oilfield, pipeline, and facilities contractors working in the booming Haynesville Shale region. In 2010, R&D moved its principle operations to Houston, Texas and subsequently opened new locations in Cotulla and Kenedy, Texas to service customers in the Eagleford Shale region. It appeared to be particularly lucrative to PSS to obtain R&D supply for their monopoly on the Eagleford Shale region.Pipeline-Construction-980x366-980x366

This acquisition effectively puts PSS in the driver’s seat for all eagleford Shale assets and supplies. PSS continues to grow, prosper, and most of all thrive in all of the environments they situate themselves into. Their shares have continued to rise each business year and this year it seems that they will take a huge next step to become more of a national power in the pipeline service industry.

Their continued work on the Trans Canadian Pipeline has earned them the respect and admiration from the tops of the oil industry, giving them a clear path into the national scene; even the international scene.

About the Author:

Image result for white bearded man Michael H. Smith- Lead supervisor of PSS technologies. Visit pipelinesupply.com/ for more pipeline information


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